My camera is in the Canon county lock-up, ie. the repair shop, for the next week or two. I've become so addicted to having a camera with me at all times that this separation is way harder than expected. Anyway, you can probably anticipate somewhat sporadic posts from me in days to come, at least until I'm with camera once again.

Here is what I've been up to over the past week (just pretend there are accompanying photos):
- Went to a free music festival at the old port on Sunday past
- Ran errands, including a trip to my favorite new leather shop, collecting materials for some consignment items I'll be making special for Nokomis and Victoire (stay tuned over at Ursa Minor)
- Saw Casablanca in a special showing on the big screen (still such! a! good! movie!, Bogart is a total babe)
- Drove out to Wakefield QC for a visit with R's mom and brother and watched The Burning Hell play at the local venue
- Drove into Ottawa for lunch and *finally* met lovely Regine at the beautiful new location of Katie's and her store, Victoire.
- Entertained R's mom as a guest at our home and went on various long walks everywhere until our legs fell apart
- Attended the AIDS Wolf CD release party and got drunk and chatty with a new friend
- Ate a lot of food

I know, I know, the details of my life are just fascinating. Ok, I'm going to go look for my old, broken digital camera now or, perhaps, invest in a disposable. Tiny attention span! Must have pictures!


Victoire said...

It was so awesome to FINALLY meet you too!!

Genevieve said...