Holy crap! We're going on vacation! How! Many! Exclamation! Points! Must! We! Use! To! Express! Our! Excitement?!!


I (Mary) began really focusing on a Europe trip about six months ago and started to make plans with a close friend. Unfortunately life and circumstance stepped in and I was left planning solo. You would think by my age I would be comfortable traveling alone -- no biggie, right? Well I thought so too, until the time actually came to do it and I began to feel very unsure. But after many phone calls back home, it turns out big sis had a plan: what if she just came with me?

Now, you can probably imagine how I (Elizabeth) simply hate traveling through beautiful foreign countries....I mean, I live in Edmonton, god knows it's the epicenter of culture and architectural beauty (oooh, and the weather....). Nevertheless, upon hearing Mary's travel woes I looked deep within myself and, out of the kindness of my generous and undeniably selfless heart, acquiesced to help sweet sis through this disappointment. Would I accompany her? I would.

And so we're off. Well, in three weeks time. We'll be visiting Paris, Chefchaouen, Asilah, Seville (or maybe Malaga?), Granada/Alhambra and Barcelona.


Would you guys help us out by suggesting any hostels/restaurants (we really really like to eat)/monuments/shopping destinations (some of us really really like to shop)/must-sees or perhaps a way to travel between Chefchaouen & Asilah that's not a complete headache? We'd really appreciate it. Comment! We need your advice! We're up for anything!

Merci buckets, M + E.


David said...

I went on a Barcelona/Monaco/Paris trip waaaay back in high school, so I remember little. However, I recall Avignon and Nice being quite charming.

There is much in Paris (have you been before?), of course. One of my must-sees is the Centre Pompidou. Architecturally significant, even if many hate it, and a pretty great art collection.


And of course, that there Sagrada Familia you have pictured in Barcelona. It's worth a gander. (!)

Sara said...

Yay! This sounds so fun!

Bree said...

Oh my god. So much fun!!! Ack! Trying to keep the old green eyes at bay.

Try to blog when you are there so I can see your adventures!