Fun thing about being a clothing designer going on vacation: GREAT excuse to try out samples while simultaneously building yourself a brand new Paris wardrobe. Cause Paris demands a new wardrobe.

I made these pants today, 'slacks' as my Nana would call them. Pants are my favorite thing to sew ever, they're like math, not necessarily easy but always turn out right if you follow the formula. Which is funny cause I hate math.

I wanted a simple, well-fitting, basic black pant. High-waisted, tapered ankle, two welt pockets in back and subtle pleats in front (not that you can see any details in these photos) - these will most certainly become a summer staple. I'm really happy with them, the fit is great and I think they'll be good in both low-key and fancier situations. If I were to put them into production I'd make sure they had front pockets though, which this pair does not. I hate not having anywhere to put my hands. Perhaps if I'm lucky my Nana will deem these 'very smart'.





Ugh, excuse my weird red alien limbs, god knows why I can't just be a nice, normal skin colour.

Next up: an ankle length dress to wear in Morocco.


mary. said...

you're busy making me a pair too, right?

elizabeth said...

yeah, but i have to grade everything down a size for you. gain some weight! then we can share.