This is what is outside my window right now. The rain is pouring and the wind is gusting. Flooding is happening all over BC. The power is out, water is contaminated.
Still, a day like today helps me keep it all in perspective. I'm sitting in warmth, with the lights on and a sleeping cat clinging to me. I'll go eat lunch soon and walk over to work for an afternoon shift. I'll come home and maybe go watch a movie with the bf tonight. Even those unfortunate people and families in BC who have been dealing with the true force of this downpour will be back to work next week, drinking city water, airing out carpets, and cleaning off driveways.

The decisions you make are your own, but please don't ignore tragedy. YĆ©le Haiti is a foundation created to help build awareness about Haiti and "transform the country through programs in education, sports, the arts and environment". Currently the foundation is focusing all efforts on relief during this natural disaster. This foundation has helped Haiti before, it is helping Haiti now and it will continue helping long after the western world has forgotten. Your money is going directly to Haiti relief. The founder himself, Wyclef Jean, is right now moving rubble, removing bodies, talking, listening, and aiding. Go to the website, donating is easy. Or to Doctors Without Borders, or the Canadian Red Cross. The world is talking about this because it is important and financial aid is needed. That's all I will say.

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Jacqueline said...

Very important stuff. Good post Mary.