Sally stitch and I have been through a lot together, she's witnessed me at my sartorial best and worst and, throughout, has remained a loyal & supportive friend. Unfortunately we just don't have room for her anymore. Hopefully she'll find someone new to love. -SOLD-


I still love this pretty little clock that I bought in Montreal 4 years ago but the time has come for it to find a new wall to hang on. I'll even throw in a fresh battery. $10.


I've had this mini set of drawers since I moved away from home 13 (!) years ago. It's perfect for holding all of your miscellaneous junk. I'll think of a price later.


mary said...

I may want you set of drawers and by me I mean dad's garage. (I'll pay for it obviously)

Eden Lilly said...

i'll give you $60 for sally stitch, if mary doesn't want the drawers i'll take those too. are you keeping your sofa?

elizabeth said...

Hey Roz,

Jessica's taking the sofa. I'd be happy to put sally aside for you if you really want her - just let me know (R and I could deliver her tomorrow).

Sara said...

Aw, your stuff! I wish I was there so I could come and rifle through it! I appreciate having the chance to do it virtually though.

Tessa said...

may i please purchase the clock? pretty please?
it's tessa by the way...found your lovely blog off nokomis.

Eden Lilly said...

yes i absolutely want her for real. i could grab her tomorrow or saturday after work if you guys can't manage to drop her off.