Necessary Evils


Ever since we moved out to Montreal people have been telling me what to expect in the winter. It's cold, wet, dark, grey, sleety, icy, bone-chilling, evil. They'll tell me this over and over till I'm like, OK, I get it, it's gonna be hell. Their response is always 'no, you don't even get it'.

Now, I know that I'm spoiled coming from Alberta with it's dry, sunny, snowy winters, and I know that Montreal winter is gonna be a shock and I'll probably just stay inside for four months straight, but dudes, I'm queen of the pessimistic imagination, I GET it.

So anyway, I bought new boots in preparation, I needed to in fact as I gave all my winter boots away before I left Edmonton. I actually ordered them online from LL Bean which kindof makes me feel like a super-nerd, but they just seemed like the perfect thing to make a wet and freezing winter palatable. And hey, did you know that LL Beans come in AA widths? Well now you do! So now I'm basically just waiting for a chance to wear them, though I'm told that the real snow doesn't start here till Christmas. In the meantime they've become my new work slippers as I refuse to turn on the heat till November.



I feel like Martha Stewart and I should be trekking through the back 40 or something.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Did you order a size down or your regular size? I have been debating some similar boots for a long time...

la persuasion said...

hiya! I wear a 7 1/2 and ordered a 7, they fit perfectly (being narrow helps too).