I've been having hair issues. I'm in the middle of an awkward grow-out phase that feels like it will never end. I bleached my hair light blond two summers ago and am still dealing with the aftermath. I LOVED being blond, but the upkeep was killer so I eventually, reluctantly, went back to brown. Two years later and the bleach is still there and my ombre, fried-end hair is making me nuts. At this point all I want is a healthy head of natural hair before it goes somewhat-prematurely grey, as does all hair of the women in my family. I'm also growing my bangs out which is probably the worst possible thing one can do for their self esteem. Clearly, I'm having issues.

Today was a bad hair day. They do exist. I hit a breaking point and walked into a salon without an appointment. "Cut out the blonde, don't touch the bangs, clean it up and please, please let's attempt to make it frame my face". Half an hour later I walked out with perhaps the most boring haircut I've had in 10 years....and it was EXACTLY what I wanted. One length, terrifically straight, slightly shaped long bob and no more pretending my hair is something it's not. I feel so much better.

Now to get used to a centre part again without feeling like I should be sitting in my parents basement, watching My So Called Life on tv (and I don't mean re-runs) and pretending to study for a math test.



Excuse the absolutely crap-tastic photos, I'm too lazy to set up my camera and tripod. Also, photobooth has a nice way of blurring imperfections & that's my favorite kinda headshot tonight.


mary. said...

very pretty. i like the whole embracing of your real hair -- that's hard to do sometimes.

Fiona said...

You look great, Elizabeth! I like brunette.

Genevieve said...

nice hair. lets have a date soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You have awesome eyebrows. I am jealous.