My flight home was the last flight to leave Charles de Gaulle yesterday afternoon due to volcanic ash covering western Europe from the recent eruption in Iceland. I knew that flights to the UK had been grounded that morning, but only found out I was the last person to cross the ocean when I arrived in Montreal 6 hours later.
And so now I'm home. Also very pleased not to be stranded at the airport Holiday Inn (though it had been like paradise at midnight the night before).

Mary is continuing on with her trip across Europe for three more weeks. Unfortunately, she IS stranded in Barcelona due to a train/bus strike and will likely have to miss her stops in Carcassonne and Toulon. At least Barcelona's not too shabby a place to be stuck in, I suppose.

Good luck Mary. If anyone has any suggestions of what she should see or do there over the next three days please send her word.

I'll upload a million photos shortly.

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