Some people dream of great careers, or families, or having ponies, or I don't know, world peace, but I dream of Ginkgos. I hope one day I can plant one of these prehistoric beasts and watch it grow. The trees have been around for millions of years and are extremely resilient to disease and other naturally occurring threats. When the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 six Ginkgo trees were some of the only survivors within a 2km radius.

Have you ever seen leaves so beautiful? In the fall the whole tree will become a beautiful shade of golden yellow and then *poof* within hours all the leaves will drop. I can't wait for Autumn!





elizabeth said...

I feel the same way about jade plants.

Sarah Winward said...

i know, right?!? whenever i talk to people in New York i tell them how much i love the ginko trees that are EVERYWHERE there. and they are like ""What trees?".

We are going to plant one someday. It may not be in the house that we are in now because I don't think we will stay here forever, and I don't think I could bring myself to leave the tree before it is big. But someday. And I will press the leaves and frame them every fall.

Mary Hudson said...

Oh they are so fantastic. I missed them this fall so I will have to wait another year. I know what you mean about wanting to wait until the right time to plant one -- they are a forever plant, it would be so hard to leave one behind if you didn't know it would be loved in you absence.