Ever since my mom helped me paint my bedroom black in highschool I've wanted to splash enveloping, rich & cozy ebony paint over my walls again - I've just been waiting for the right walls I guess.

Enter our Montreal kitchen. When we moved in the back wall was painted green, which was fine, but I'm so sick of colour, colour everywhere and find myself craving simple white & grey & black and nothing else.


So I painted it black, and I love it. I want to paint everything black. I used chalkboard paint and am still toying with the idea of painting the entire wall above the stove black and getting R to do a large drawing on it. Whaddya think?




It still needs a lot of work, we'll have to get new appliances eventually and some fresh flowers/art wouldn't hurt either. One thing at a time though right?


Mary said...

umm... nice kitchen.

also dahilas are still in season. go buy 5 stems for your little vase

Sara said...

It looks great!

Bree said...

Ack!! I don't know if I will be able to make it seeing all these home decor shots! Sooooo jealous!! Looks beautiful...


Sarah Winward said...

i love it!
out kitchen cupboards and a wall needed new paint and i couldn't decide between white and black. i went with white, but these pictures make me with i had chosen the latter.

i love the light near the stove.

Mary Hudson said...

The light by the stove is from our Grandmother's kitchen, as is the black plate on the wall -- they needed to get rid of a lot of their things before moving to an apartment a few years back. The best stuff comes from grandmothers.