Zac Posen called grey 'the most elegant neutral', a statement with which I wholeheartedly agree. Long one of my favorite colours, I thought that perfectly pale dove grey would be the ideal shade for our new bedroom.

So I bought a color called 'twilight' (so lame, I know) and brought it home to try it out. Of course when I painted a sample patch both R and I found it way too dark (I forgot to follow my own rule of ALWAYS go a shade lighter than you think you should). Anyway, I ended up mixing the colour I had with some white paint we had sitting around until I found that perfect grey. Genevieve's BF Jon was kind enough to help me paint the bedroom (along with the studio, raymond's studio and a wall in our living room, what a trooper) and voila! my dream dream-shade.





Of course, like much of the rest of our house, there's still a lot to do. I don't have a dresser so all my clothes are presently piled in a trunk on the floor. A chair would be nice, a half-curtain over the window is essential (hello high-density living!) and I hope to hang some more art (maybe a mirror?) soon. Slow and steady wins the race, right?


Sara said...

It looks lovely.

Ellen said...

What a beautiful space.

I envy you for those windows in the bedroom!

Victoire said...

Oh wow, it really is the perfectly pale shade of grey!

Fiona said...

precious photo collage!