The prairies have warmed a little lately, still I feel the cold creeping in and must prepare for coming months of winter + dark + forced hibernation. Already I'm finding reasons to not leave my house while endlessly fantasizing of escape from this great cruel north. I don't know how much longer I can pretend to be content here.
Earl Grey tea and Station to Station provide a little comfort. So does window shopping. I'm currently craving woolens and fancies and, with so little time left to wear them, completely impractical shoes. Dreaming helps make it through the long cold nights at home, be careful though, so does drinking.

ps. Cross yer fingers that my new camera arrives in store this week so I can finally start posting photos again.

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mary. said...

Sure Dr. Zhivago is romantic in a bizarre way, but perhaps your time in the 'North' need not drag on quite so long.