I took some photos on my lunch break the other day. The gallery where I work captures the feel of a hidden desert, or more so a little oasis, locked in time in a much different climate than Southern California. Everything in this small white room is brought down in scale to suit the houses and the offices of the Vancouver elite. It's the scale of all these plants that is now so interesting; each plant is family sized so to speak, but in the safety of the gallery, behind glass and doors, bathed in the warmth of the south-facing sun, one is able to quietly admire and inspect these organisms in a way otherwise quite unattainable in the wild. When you are this close, these species are no longer just unique, or beautiful, they are alive, they are threatening, majestic, unpredictable, and resistant, but ultimately fragile because they have been taken from where they belong and now they must live within these walls where it is clean and boring and safe. A much different silence than the desert.

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