For months now I have been fiercely, impatiently, hungrily awaiting the arrival of the one piece of clothing I can't live without. Ever since looking at F/W '09 catalogues with Jessica last February (was it really that long ago?) I've been obsessing over The Jacket.

Let's talk about The Jacket. The Jacket is a handcrafted, hand dyed, knockout leather coat from Vancouver line MONO or, as my friend John put it, "the best line to come out of Vancouver in 10 years". I can't help but agree. I love The Jacket. I love how it makes me feel ferocious yet still girly as all get-out. I love the shoulder detailing reminiscent of feathers or petals but also touch-me-not barbed armor. I love that the shoulder detail can be zipped off for a more streamlined look. I love the zippers at the wrists for easy cuffing. Most of all I love that I am the only person in the city who owns The Jacket. This may change, of course, but for today, and for a little while, I'm going to revel in my one-of-a-kind showstopper. I feel like I've been waiting for this coat my whole life.




I need to make a little adjustment on one of the front seams, otherwise . . . perfection.


charlotte falk said...


nokomis said...

man, that's the most perfect jacket ever. it was basically made for you. you look like a million bucks.

Fiona said...

liz! SO glad the jacket has finally arrived! It's even more beautiful in person. dig the boots, and your hair is so long now! the drafting is pain, but i absolutely love it. can't wait to see more of your designs ;)

Bree said...

Whoa!! Last photo - Yowza!!! Pat agrees (ew). Jacket looks amazing.