This recent trip to Montreal, for any who might not already know, wasn't just another vacation (though it seems I've been doing a lot of that lately). This time RB and I flew out of Edmonton with a purpose: to look for and find an apartment in Montreal. Because, you see, we're moving out east. Like, in a month.

Of course leaving Edmonton will be hard, all my friends and family and memories live here. Nevertheless, I'm excited about the move and what it means for us. Being in a new city feels invigorating, it gives me a chance to re-invent myself and take a hard look at my life, at the baggage I've been carrying, at who I am and how I can be better. It gives me an excuse for adventure and discovery and to push & challenge myself like I don't feel I do much of in Edmonton these days.

On a more superficial level it forces me to downsize and get rid of all this stuff I've been carrying around for years. To cleanse myself of junk and then re-fill my home, piece by piece, with lasting things that i love. No more ikea quick-fixes or half-functional hand-me-downs. A (mostly) clean slate.

Of course just to torture myself before the move, I did stop by the antique mall this weekend with an eye to furnishing our new home. You know, just as space and money become precious.


Surely we could find room in our U-haul for one or both of these Bertoia chairs? Admittedly these are pricey suckers but, c'mon, they're modern classics!


And what of this wild boar's head from Pennsylvania? Beautiful in it's disgusting glory. Guess how far RB would let me get into the house with this gem? Yeah, not very.


Who doesn't need an antique planetarium orrery? I mean, this is useful stuff.


Likewise this Boss-themed jukebox.

Ok, I don't really want or need a Boss-themed jukebox, but I thought a certain someone might appreciate it.


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omg, that Springsteen jukebox is amazing!!