This year I am spending my first and hopefully only Christmas away from home. Within my family I have always been, above all others, a stickler for tradition. I have not gone so far as to try to bring a tree home (with no car) into my tiny apartment, but I did bring my two four foot tall cedars in from the balcony and there are indeed presents sitting below them. I am, no joke, listening to Bing Crosby's "Merry Christmas" as I type this.

There are a few specific things about Christmas at home that I will miss the most (other than everyone I love) and I figured I better find a way to recreate them for myself. For example I plan on making a huge feast of a brunch on Christmas morning for myself and the bf. But long before that time I hope to have a huge cookie baking day in my little kitchen. Likely I will be the only one toiling away due to my crazy schedule this month, but Christmas cookie baking was always something I had so much fun doing. For the last several years my mother and my aunt have hosted any family members who want to take part in a mad day of endless cookie baking (it always seems to be only women who participate). Everyone gets to include a favorite recipe and there are plenty for everyone to take home and share.

Right now I am trying to decide on which recipes I will be making during my mini bake-off. So far I have bookmarked these Crispy Salted Oatmeal cookies from Smitten Kitchen that would be great with dried cranberries too; decadent Chocolate Crinkles cookies from Cannelle et Vanille; and Pecan Bars and Lemon Pistachio Wreaths, both from Martha Stewart. Oh and of course there will be gingerbread.

Does anyone have any great holiday cookies recipes that I just can't miss out on? Better yet, does anyone want to come over for a day of baking?

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elizabeth said...

Wow, I was kindof having a crummy day but then remembered, OMG, Christmas music!!! So now I've listened to The Nutcracker 4 times and I'm about to move onto Nat King Cole.

It's gonna be a-ok.

Hey, maybe you should just come home for Christmas...?