Saturday RB and I ran around town, went to the farmer's market, picked up gifts and purchased food. I've been eating so much lately, it's officially at the point where I can't sit comfortably unless I undo the top button on my jeans (damn you high-waisted jeans!) I love December but it friggin' kills me every year. Somehow, despite this, I do little to regulate my caloric intake as soon as my birthday rolls around. Is it so bad that I forgo real friendships for wine & chevre (hello, lovers)? I'll return to normal in January, promise.

This afternoon we made mini lentil & carmelized onion galettes. RB helped with the chopping and tasting and taking out the compost and I made him a special tart with an "R" on top for his efforts. Most of the cooking was for the Elliot dinner tomorrow, some was just for fun. In the end it was kindof a perfect afternoon.

And today? we eat.



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mary. said...

Yum! I hope you're having fun right now!